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When we are talking about Cctv then there are following Cctv Facts We need to know are as Follows:

The First CCTV

The earliest documented use of CCTV technology was in Germany in 1942. The system was designed by German engineer Walter Bruch and it was set up for the observation of the launch of V-2 rockets. It wasn’t until 1949 that the technology was launched on a commercial basis. In that year, an American government contractor named Vericon began promoting the system.

These antique solutions comprised of cameras and monitors and these an Equipment could only be used for live monitoring. They did not have components that allowed users to record footage. Someone had to be stationed in front of the monitor full time.

First US City to use CCTV

In September 1968, Olean, New York was the first city in the United States to install video cameras along its main business street in an effort to fight crime.

cctv facts

VCR For Recording

A major development in CCTV technology occurred when video cassette recordings (VCRs) became widely available in the 1970s. The Video Cassette Tape entered home use, creating the home video industry and changing the economics of the television and movie businesses. This technology was quickly incorporated into surveillance systems, offering a new dimension on CCTV. It was no longer necessary to monitor the screens live. Instead, the systems could be set up and left to run by themselves. Users could then review the information recorded as and when they wanted to. This cuts down manpower and labor cost.


Multiplexing or multi-viewing technology allows simultaneous video signals from a number of CCTV cameras to be combined and displayed on one monitor. This feature made CCTV solutions more efficient and it helped to increase their popularity.

Single Largest CCTV System

The largest single system of CCTV cameras is Singapore’s Changi Airport – there are approximately 3,000 cameras in operation within the three terminals.

Most CCTV Numbers

The United Kingdom has the largest ratio of cameras to people in the world; With around five million CCTV cameras in the country, Britain has a CCTV camera for every 11 people.

UK has been described as the most watched nation in the world and London is the most surveilled city, with thousands of cameras positioned across the city. London has one of the Most highest number of CCTV cameras of any city in the world. London’s 33 councils operate approximately 7000 public CCTV cameras. By comparison, Paris has 326 equivalent cameras.

Most Sophisticated CCTV System

The London Streets Traffic Control Centre (LSTCC) in south London is the hub for one of the most sophisticated CCTV systems in the world. It is responsible for most of London’s transport infrastructure and covers hundreds of square kilometers within the M25 circular motorway. More than 6,000 lights and 3,250 cameras monitor the streets and control traffic across 14,000 kilometers (8,700 miles) of urban highways and busy city roads.

Most Documented CCTV Success Story

One of the most highly documented success stories of CCTV cameras is the July 2005 bombing in London, where CCTV images helped with the identification of people that played a key role in the attack and ultimately lead to their convictions. In the wake of 9/11, CCTV technology is being developed to assess and monitor plane passengers for suspicious behavior.

Crimes Solved vs Crimes Prevented

Security experts believe that as much as 67% of burglaries could be prevented if people had security cameras in their own homes. Video surveillance cameras are being used extensively over the world; Even though only about 10 percent of crimes are solved using surveillance systems, a higher percentage of crimes are actually prevented through the use of CCTV cameras.

Other Uses Of CCTV

Besides crime prevention, CCTV cameras are also being deployed in industrial areas or Thermographic surveillance cameras are also being used in order to measure extremely high temperatures in hazardous where it is not safe for humans to enter.

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