Dome or Bullet Cameras

Dome or Bullet Cameras

Dome or Bullet cameras come in either a dome or bullet shape. Many people have a difficult time deciding between the two, but both types of cameras have their own advantages.

 Dome or Bullet cameras

Dome cameras

Dome cameras are great for those who are looking to secure a large area, such as Dome or Bullet cameras large retail store or other business. Because people cannot see inside the dome that houses the camera, it is difficult for them to realize which direction the camera is pointing and filming at. Therefore,  Dome or Bullet cameras use dome cameras can sometimes deter crime without having to purchase enough cameras to adequately record everything that happens in their business to use Dome or Bullet cameras .

Bullet cameras

Bullet cameras are the more traditional style of camera that you probably think of when you think about security cameras.  Dome or Bullet cameras look like cameras and mount on the wall or ceiling, and it is easy to tell where the camera is pointing and what it is recording. Dome or Bullet cameras are typically general purpose cameras, and they can be used for indoor or outdoor use in both homes and businesses.
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